Customers' Comments On Throat Discs

Dry Mouth - Dry Throat - Tickles

" better than any, No Side Effects, Relieves Symptoms Fast, Bottom Line: recommended. This REALLY works immediately to stop the tickle in my throat or a cough. Absolutely nothing else is as effective and so prompt in stopping a cough. So glad you carry this! I have used it for years & would be lost w/o it. "

"When my local stores no longer had these on their shelves, I panicked, because I can't do without these discs when I have a cough. Usually it is an allergy and asthma-rekated cough. I was delighted to find them online, and will order again. "

"I've used these since I was a child. They are wonderful for relieving throat irritaion and dry throat."

Sleep Comfortably - Night Time Throat Phlegm & Dry Mouth

"In the middle of the night I will wake up with a scratchy throat and a small insistent cough -- this clears it up. You can leave it in your mouth as you fall to sleep and it does not leave that horrible residue as cough drops do. My husband uses before or during public speaking."

"I pop one of these into my mouth each night as I climb into bed. I just push it up to the roof of my mouth, where it slowly dissolves as I fall asleep. However it works, it seems to coat my throat and prevent irritation from post nasal drip while reclining. I used to wake up several times a night, trying to clear my throat. These throat discs provide relief from that. It works for me!"

"Mostly use at night if a throat tickle bothers me. I goes away after using one disc. Also great when singing in chorus."

"I am down to my last few broken lozenges and couldn't find them in local stores. I carry them with me everywhere. They're on my nightstand in case I wake in the middle of the night with a scratchy throat... "

Speaking - Hoarseness - Overuse

"I used these for years during my radio career. Every disc jockey and TV anchor should have a box in their desk... "

"Throat Discs are the greatest for soothing a dry, scratchy throat. I talk at a call center all and use Throat Discs to soothe my throat to get me through a long day of talking. I used to use them the same way when I was singing in bands. They're small enough that they can fit in the back of my mouth when I'm talking. They are also great to keep my throat moist when sleeping in a dry room. They are hard to come by so we loaded up...."

"Use these even when I don't have a sore throat but when it becomes dry from overuse." "The cure for dry mouth is Throat Discs. I have to drink a gallon of water if i forget them when I have to give a presentation..."

Sore Throat - Dry Cough - Nasal Throat - Phlegm

"This is by far the most effective "cough drop" product that I have ever used. I have known about these throat discs for about a year and they are excellent when my throat is sore from overuse (I sing) or a cold. There is something in the makeup of the disks that gets to spots in my throat that no regular cough drop can reach and instantly soothes. This also seems less sugary than other products."

"I have found these throat discs to be invaluable for a wide range of throat ailments, from minor throat dryness to a more intense sore throat. Unlike many other products intended for the latter purpose, these do not contain menthol, which I find bothers my stomach after an extended period of use. Rather, the mild licorice flavor (which I usually don't like) of this product is actually quite soothing. Furthermore, the disc shape itself sits comfortable in the throat--so much so that I have often gone to bed with one of these discs in my mouth, comfortable that it would simply dissolve away (it is more like a flat tablet and less like a piece of hard candy than other products).... I need my throat discs! "

"I use them whenever I have a sore throat..They taste like Lickaright which my wife doesn't like but I do because they work"

"This is the ONLY lozenge that works. In my opinion, all the others are candy... I get sinus problems which sometimes cause me to have a bad sore throat. The minute I get a scratchy throat I run for these and it doesn't take but a few to fix my problem... I bring a box with me whenever I go away from home....Any time someone comes over with a cold or sore throat I always pack some up for them to bring home."

Singing - Vocalist - Choir - Choral Groups

"I sing in my church choir, and there are sometimes when my throat gets dry or sore... the throat discs soothe my throat. Actually, I have several other choir members using them now, too."

"I'm learning how to sing... And not always doing it right, so it has taken a toll on my voice. However, whatever mistakes I am making, these little miracle discs have undone rather quickly. I have been using them for three days and find my voice responds better to my attempts at "singing" and is not hoarse afterward. They taste good too! They have a soft licorice flavor to them. I was expecting some incredibly potent, menthol-flavored candy that would shoot through my nose and make me wonder if they were worth it. However, these taste good!"

"It was the day before our choir's annual performance with the local symphony orchestra, and I had lost my voice. It was literally reduced to a squeak. I was upset and somewhat skeptical, but desperate, I started sucking on lozenges. By the time of warmups I had gone through one entire packet and was working on the second. Amazingly, I was able to perform. I wasn't 100%, but there was no squeaking and my tone was true. Though it wouldn't have done for solo work (If I had had them on hand, so I could start taking them earlier, it might have), these lozenges brought me (along with steam, hot lemon tea, etc) from laryngitis to performance in less than 12 hours. Amazing."

"For many years, I struggled with my voice cracking as I talked and/or sang plus had constant hoarseness. After only a few days of using this product, all that was cured! I take one any time I need to talk for longer periods of time and definitely before singing in my choir! No other product, RX or over-the-counter, worked to help my condition, yet THIS product has brought me an awesome miracle!"

"I have used this throat disc for years--maybe 35--back when they were 25 cents a box! I am a singer and wouldn't think of trying to perform without one in my mouth. They keep my throat moist without causing too much salivation. In addition, they are really the only relief I have found from a dry cough. I honestly don't know what I would do without them."

"This is the only cough drop that is not basically candy that you have to dissolve for several minutes--which means it is the only one you can take in the middle of a lecture, or singing, or just as you are getting into bed...."

Works Great - No Stomach Upset / Acid Reflux

"These are the only ones i can take without upseting my stomach and makes throat feel good"

"For many years, I have frequently had a dry, tickly throat when sleeping (especially in the dry winter air in New York). Throat Discs, which don't use menthol and hence, don't upset the stomach, are the only discs that seem to relieve the tickle efficiently. They dissolve slowly in the mouth and I think it's the black licorice and peppermint that really soothe the throat and make it feel better. Well worth the money."